Player List

Listed below are the players available for selection.

Select a position from the drop-down listing to view all players for that position in turn.

For more information on team selection and game rules, visit the How To Play section.

Prior to each match weekend, players included in their nation's starting XV will be denoted by a Starting XV icon.

Please note that it is only possible to select players in their designated positions on the player list. It is not possible to change a player's position once the site has been launched.

J de la FuenteARG000000000000
J HernandezARG000000000000
M BoschARG000000000000
M MoroniARG000000000000
C Leali'ifanoAUS000000000000
K GodwinAUS000000000000
M ToomuaAUS000000000000
T KuridraniAUS000000000000
B BarrittENG000000000000
B TwelvetreesENG000000000000
J JosephENG000000000000
K EastmondENG000000000000
L BurrellENG000000000000
A TikoirotumaFIJ000000000000
L BotiaFIJ000000000000
V GonevaFIJ000000000000
J DantyFRA000000000000
M BastareaudFRA000000000000
M MermozFRA000000000000
R LameratFRA000000000000
D KacharavaGEO000000000000
L KhmaladzeGEO000000000000
M SharikadzeGEO000000000000
T ZibzibadzeGEO000000000000
G D'ArcyIRE000000000000
J PayneIRE000000000000
R HenshawIRE000000000000
S OldingIRE000000000000
G GarciaITA000000000000
K HaimonaITA000000000000
L MorisiITA000000000000
M CampagnaroITA000000000000
C SmithNZ000000000000
M FekitoaNZ000000000000
R CrottyNZ000000000000
SB WilliamsNZ000000000000
D de AllendeSA000000000000
J de VilliersSA000000000000
J SerfonteinSA000000000000
JP PietersenSA000000000000
A LeiuaSAM000000000000
G PisiSAM000000000000
J LeotaSAM000000000000
RL LoSAM000000000000
A DunbarSCO000000000000
D TaylorSCO000000000000
M BennettSCO000000000000
S LamontSCO000000000000
S PiukalaTON000000000000
S PiutauTON000000000000
C AllenWAL000000000000
J DaviesWAL000000000000
J RobertsWAL000000000000
S WilliamsWAL000000000000