Player List

Listed below are the players available for selection.

Select a position from the drop-down listing to view all players for that position in turn.

For more information on team selection and game rules, visit the How To Play section.

Prior to each match weekend, players included in their nation's starting XV will be denoted by a Starting XV icon.

We make every effort to ensure that player positions are as accurate as possible. However, we are unable to change a player’s position once the game has begun.

J GrayStarting XVSCO3001100000617
J ThrushNZ1001100001016
R SimmonsStarting XVAUS2101000000313
P PapeStarting XVFRA2101000000313
R GrayStarting XVSCO1201000000212
AW JonesStarting XVWAL2011000000312
P O'ConnellStarting XVIRE2000000001811
L NakarawaFIJ200010000009
D AttwoodStarting XVENG210000000038
G NemsadzeGEO100100000008
D FoleyIRE011000000118
V MatfieldStarting XVSA300000010038
C LawesStarting XVENG120000000027
T LavaniniStarting XVARG200000000036
Y MaestriFRA111000000016
Q GeldenhuysStarting XVITA200000000036
E EtzebethStarting XVSA030000000026
D TonerStarting XVIRE021000000025
B RetallickStarting XVNZ110000000035
S WhitelockStarting XVNZ110000000025
S CarterStarting XVAUS020000000024
F LemaluSAM101000000014
K ThompsonStarting XVSAM020000000024
B DaviesWAL101000000004
J BallStarting XVWAL020000000024
J HorwillAUS011000000003
W SkeltonAUS003000000013
G KruisENG003000000013
M McCarthyIRE011000000003
F PauloStarting XVSAM011000000023
L LokotuiStarting XVTON100000000033
L CharterisWAL011000000013
G PettiStarting XVARG010000000022
JC GuillemainARG010000000002
L PonceARG002000000012
A RatuniyarawaFIJ010000000002
N SoqetaFIJ002000000002
T CavubatiFIJ010000000002
A FlanquartFRA002000000002
S VahaamahinaStarting XVFRA010000000022
K MikautadzeGEO010000000002
M BortolamiITA002000000012
D BirdNZ010000000002
P TuipulotuNZ002000000012
B BothaSA002000000002
J TuineauStarting XVTON010000000022
L DatunashviliGEO001000000001
F MintoITA001000000011
L RomanoNZ001000000001
L de JagerSA001000000011
D LeoSAM001000000011
L Fa'aosoTON001000000011
M AlemannoARG000000000000
R TaofifenuaFRA000000000000
L LomidzeGEO000000000000
G BiagiITA000000000000
J TekoriSAM000000000000
G GilchristSCO000000000000
J HamiltonSCO001000010000
T SwinsonSCO000000000000