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Before you e-mail us for help, please take a look around the site. The vast majority of problems can be solved by following the advice in our How to Play or Help sections.

Please note that it is only possible to select players in their designated positions on the player list. It is not possible to change a player's position once the site has been launched. Players who play in a different position to their designated position will score points as normal.

Only the player selected as your designated kicker will score kicking points for your team, thus explaining why, for example, Leigh Halfpenny may have accumulated a different number of points for different teams or that stated on the player list.

Please note if you have made five team changes for each of the previous three Game Rounds, you will have exhausted your quota of 15 team changes for the competition - thus meaning that you are not able to make any further changes.

Please use the form below to reach our customer support team. If you already hold a user account then please login before submitting your support request.