Team Selection

Selecting your team couldn't be easier. Your team must consist of 15 players as follows:

3x front-row forwards (FR)
2x second-row forwards (SR)
3x back-row forwards (BR)
1x scrum-half (SH)
1x fly-half (FH)
2x centres (C)
3x outside backs (OB)

One of these players is then selected as your designated kicker. This player will be the only member of your team who will earn you points by successfully kicking penalties or conversions. (All players in your team can gain points from drop goals, not just the designated kicker).

Player positions are classified in the player list. Your players can be chosen from all players from each category, irrespective of their real-life position (i.e. you can select three hookers as your front-row forwards if you like!)

However, you can only have a maximum of four players from each country, so be sure to choose wisely.

Team changes are unlimited until the start of the competition at 14:00 on Saturday, 8 November.

Only players who are on the player list may be selected. Any players being added to a squad at a later stage will then be added to the player list and only then will become available for transfer.

If you are unsure on team selection, start out by clicking the LUCKY DIP selection button and the system will automatically select a valid team for you.

Who should you pick?

Front Row

Second Row

Back Row

Scrum Half

Fly Half


Outside Back


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