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Scoring Points

Players score points for your Fantasy Rugby team based on their real-life performances in 2015 Six Nations matches as follows:

 Event Points 
 Full Appearance (player starts and finishes the game) 3 pts 
 Part Appearance (player starts but doesn't finish the game) 2 pt 
 Substitute Appearance (player comes on as a substitute) 1 pt 
 Try 5 pts 
 Assist (last pass or kick to the try scorer - so long as it creates the try scoring opportunity) 3 pts 
 Penalty Kick or Conversion (designated kicker only) 1 pt 
 Drop Goal (all players) 1 pt 
 Yellow Card -1 pt 
 Red Card -2 pts 
 Official Man of the Match 5 pts 

Appearance Points

Players will receive additional points for each game they participate in.

A player both starting and finishing the game will score three points, a player that starts but fails to finish the game will be awarded two points and a player that comes onto the field as a replacement during any part of the game will score just one point.


A player scoring a try will be awarded five points, as per the official stats on ESPNscrum, provided by Opta. Only decisions overturned within 48 hours will be amended by Fantasy League and any change of try scorer after this time will not result in points being altered.


The player providing the "last pass" before a try is scored is awarded three points for an assist, so long as this pass is deemed to have created the try scoring opportunity.

This can be in the form of a thrown pass, charge-down or kick by a member of the same team, which reaches the try scorer without significant intervention from a member of the opposing team. However, if it is deemed the try scorer has to subsequently create the try scoring opportunity himself after receiving the ball from a team-mate, no assist will be given. No assists are awarded for penalty tries.

The decision of Opta (the official stats provider for ESPNscrum) is final.

Penalty Kicks, Conversions and Drop Goals

Only your designated kicker can earn points for your team for successful penalties or conversions, but any team member can earn points for drop goals. One point is awarded for each successful kick at goal.

Should any player other than your designated kicker successfully convert a penalty or conversion, no points will be awarded to your team.

Yellow and Red Cards

An offence leading to a yellow card will result in your player being deducted one point, whilst an offence leading to a red card will lose your player two points. Again, cards are awarded as per the official stats on ESPNscrum, provided by Opta.

* In the event that a match is postponed and subsequently re-arranged, points will be assigned as per team selections as of the initial (postponed) game and points attributed to the original Game Round.