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Team Changes

During the tournament, you can react to the form and availability of your players by making transfers to change some of your selected players.

Please note that you can make unlimited transfers until the first match of the competition at 20:05 GMT on Saturday, 6 February.

Once the competition is underway, each coach is allocated 15 transfers in total, but can only make up to five transfers between Game Rounds. Kicker changes are unlimited.

However, both team changes and kicker changes are not permitted between the first scheduled kick-off for each weekend and 00:00 GMT on Monday.

All team changes and kicker changes take place with immediate effect.

When making transfers, you must always ensure that your team contains no more than four players from each nation and have the right number of players in each position.

When making multiple team changes which involve your current kicker, please note that it may not necessarily be the case that your required incoming kicker will automatically replace the outgoing kicker. In such instances, a subsequent kicker change is required.